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Bourne Woods in the mud. Maybe I need treaded tyres?


Holiday at Trelyon, Rock Cornwall.

We managed a couple of afternoons out on the cycles and explored some beautiful scenery.

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Bourne Woods


Bourne woods again.
Exploring some of the smaller tracks


On the way back we stopped for a cuppa and I tried to master Gab's new song.
Bourne Woods. Enjoying the lovely bluebells.


Bourne woods again.
By the ponds.


Morton Fen.


Dyke Fen. We watched amongst other things, a female Marsh Harrier hunting.


Morton village and westwards. Some surprisingly steep hills.

11-09-2010 (Not 9-11)

More fen tracks.
This time getting a bit muddy.


My view for a change


It may look the same, but it was a totally different outing through Bourne Woods and surrounding villages.




The first outing.
Gill rode her mountain bike and we set off down Beech Ave. The first thing I noticed was how little effort you have to put in to go fast.
So we went into Bourne Woods and did some off-road tracks too.


I'd tried a hand-cycle at the showroom and was quoted £2200.

This seemed a bit much so I had a look on Ebay.

I found this smart Draft Vulcan hand-cycle, which looks a much better machine and was £700 less. So off we went to a village near Hunstanton to get it quick.
While there, the seller who turned out to have a similar injury to me and also similar interests, offered me an electric clip-on front wheel for the wheelchair at the bargain price of £150. So I snapped that up too.

Everyone loves the Vulcan