BIKES or if you prefer MOTORCYCLES

Some of my many pics. Copyright applies.

Hislop, down from 193MPH for Sulby Bridge

Grant Hodson - Roton

11th milestone, burst oil cooler, 3rd party insurance

Foggy on a 500

While Steve is busy, Carl pisses in his petrol

Rainey, Schwantz and Lawson

Nation making a film

Hislop at The Gooseneck

Jon Bikerdike and knackered Kat

Mackenzie on a 500

Foggy at The Gooseneck

The usual chaos at Weston Beach Race

Forget the course, let's go through the fence

I can't see my bike anywhere


At this speed you dont want to look

Nation on Norton


All right, one quick lap while my back's turned

Phil Mellor

Little John

Witham and McGladdery

Lawson on Cagiva

Rob Phillis


Fred Merkel


Barros and Haslam on Cagivas

Nation on Ducati


Reynolds on his road bike

Foggy on Loctite Yamaha at Quaterbridge

Hislop at Braddan Bridge

Rob Eley. Took a year off, rode no bikes at all, came back and won by a mile.

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